Wednesday, December 5, 2012

King's Birthday Ride-Sanam Luang, Thanon Ratchadamnoen, Grand Palace

Normally I wouldn't put up two similar rides in a row, but this one was kind of special. I heard in my Thai class last night that the area around the Grand Palace and Ratchadamnoen Road gets lit up this week for the King's Birthday (that'd be today, the 5th) and that yesterday would be the day to go as today it'd be packed. So I headed south west to see what all the fuss was about. There is still time to do this-I am sure at least through Friday and possibly through the weekend there will still be lights to go see, and I do recommend.

Guys, this is the Thai equivalent of going to your local American retirement village mid-December to gawk at the lights extravaganzas while cruising in slow formation with all the other gawkers.

Corner of Ratchawithi and Rama V

I don't know what that is but it looks like fairyland

Photo of a guy taking a photo of the lights

More fairyland

The best part of the ride was when I joined up with these guys just after turning onto Ratchadamnoen (how could I pass up a giant peloton just hanging out in matching outfits on the street? Notice a couple of them are really cute, also.) I was not the only person with a bike and a fabulous plan-there were dozens of other cyclists out and about checking out the scene as well.

Sampran cycling team. They actually rode all the way here from Sampran last night - and back.

Obviously, I think this whole situation is the best thing ever.

Democracy Monument

Then we got to the Grand Palace, where there was a whole festival going down in the park:

Thai dancing

Lawn with Thaksin Bridge in the background

Video, for maximum atmospheric flavor:

And finally, can't do without the Map:

View King's Birthday Ride in a larger map

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