Saturday, December 1, 2012

Night riding from Ari to Dusit and Memorial Bridge (Saphan Put Night Market)/Thonburi

I'm back:) Can't believe how long it's's been terrible not riding, but rain, heat, and sheer lack of time have kept me off the bike since May. I've discovered a new, more fun thing, though: riding the city at night. It's a lot calmer, cooler, and generally more fun to ride in Bangkok at night. I especially recommend the Dusit district (government central) as it's REALLY quiet at night.  Last night, my friend Isaac and I went west from where we live (Ari/Saphan Kwai) out towards the river, then headed south...also, as it turns out due to the twists and turns of the Chao Praya, towards the river. We ended up at Memorial Bridge, discovering a cool night market (Talad Saphan Phut) and what seems to be a very popular hangout for teenagers and teenage couples. I don't blame them; it's a great view. #romanceinthecity. Nuff said. Here are the pictures:

View east from Saphan Put

View west-that's Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) on the left

View of the market from the bridge

Another market+river view

Buddha at a temple in Thonburi on Th. Somdet Chao Praya

The temple

And then we found the Giant Swing on the way back, and went to have ice cream nearby.

And the map! Enjoy! And don't forget to ride your bike.:)

View Dusit night ride in a larger map

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